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The RNLI in Cromer is a large and very active organisation with a very distinguished 200 year history. More than 230 people are directly involved, be they crew, shore crew, shop helpers, museum assistants or Ladies Guild members.

In three different locations, the station dominates the town's seafront; best known is the Pier-head Lifeboat Station, first built in 1923 and completely replaced in 1998. Housing the station's Tyne Class Lifeboat, Ruby and Arthur Reed II, from 1985 to 2007; Following slipway reconstruction, the new Tamar Class Lifeboat,  LESTER, arrived in October, the first of its type on the East coast and the seventh to be built. In the period between boats, a Mersey Class carriage - launched lifeboat was based on the East Beach.

The Station's second location is the 'old' lifeboat house at the foot of the Gangway which has recently been fully modernised internally and now houses the Station's Inshore Lifeboat, George and Muriel, which was dedicated in June, 2011.

The third location, the Henry Blogg Museum built in 2006, was opened by Ronnie Corbett in April that year. This museum has already won awards both for its architecture and for it's content; a very child - friendly display, the prime exhibit being the Cromer Wartime Lifeboat, HF Bailey, which served at the Pier from 1935 to 1945 and was, of course, Henry Blogg's lifeboat.

Financially the Station is a major contributor to RNLI funds; two souvenir shops (Pier and Museum) generated £125K sales in 2005, among the highest in the country, and the Collecting Boxes in the two locations raised a record £24K.

Cromer is lucky to have a team of very devoted volunteers to 'man' these outlets, as well as to supervise the Museum. In addition there is a very active Ladies Lifeboat Guild of 130 members who raise £8K or so annually.

In accordance with recent RNLI policy, the Station has a Station Management Group overseeing these various activities. It meets quarterly, has an HQ RNLI - appointed Chairman, and consists of Lifeboat Operations Manager, Treasurer, Press Officer, Administrative Officer, Visitors Officer, Ladies Guild Chairman, Souvenir Sales Representative and the Museum Manager.

All of us here at Cromer warmly welcome visitors; Lifeboat Day for 2015 will be on Sunday 26 July.  Due to tide conditions, there will be a different format to the day - once details have been decided, further information will be posted here.

Throughout the year we receive thousands of visitors, whether individually or in groups of either adults or schoolchildren. All are well catered for by our Visits Officer, Richard Annis and his team.




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